The Centre closes due to Covid-19 from midnight Wednesday 25/3/20



Dear All Members, Patrons and Supporters

We learn of the horrible news every hour, every day regarding Coronavirus and the unprecedented damage it has caused to countries and communities around the world.  We are all experiencing a once a lifetime event that will change our lives forever.  Our job security and way of life are now being greatly compromised to focus on keeping safe and well for ourselves, families and the community. 

Weston Creek Community Association (WCCA), like many other not-for-profit community groups, is facing huge challenges through this very difficult time.  We manage the Community Centre and 3 other venues on behalf of the ACT Government.  We rely on the support of users to service our on-going costs, and to maintain good order in those facilities.  As I am writing you this message, almost all our activities and bookings have been cancelled or suspended indefinitely. The latest news is that we are forced to close all our venues indefinitely from midnight tonight.

Our focus now, however, is to ensure the maintaining our operational structure, so that as soon as the crisis is over, we will be able to welcome you and to bring all our services back quickly.  The Association relies on the contribution of honorary members of our Committee and for its service delivery the 2 principal staff, our FT Manager and the PT Office Manager.  We are determined to meet our obligations to these staff members as long as we can with the limited resources we have.  

We will also explore other available assistance sources such as government grants to get some help.

So please be assured that no matter how hard and how long it takes, we will do our very best to be here once the crisis is over. 

In the meantime, please take care, keep safe and well. 

Maggie Grills

March 2020