Room Hire – Terms & Conditions

Payment of casual booking

To confirm a casual booking, a $200 deposit is required at the time of the booking to guarantee the booking. The remainder is due when hirer picks up keys.

Regular hirers will be invoiced each month, one month in advance.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, credit cards or direct deposit (EFT) to Weston Creek Community Association (BSB: 112-879, Acc No: 495051010). EFTPOS facility is also available at The Weston Creek Community Centre (WCCC). If making an EFT, please identify your transfer, e.g. Hall Booking – A Williams. If the booking is made at short notice and an EFT is used, proof of transfer will be required when picking up the keys.


Cancellation of a confirmed booking incurs a fee of $50.00. Cancellations made 2-9 days before the booking will be charged at half the fees, and no refunds will apply for cancellations made within 48 hours of the booking.

Regular bookings must be cancelled one month in advance.


In addition to the hire fee, a $700 Bond is payable on collection of the keys for daytime functions. A bond of $1200 is applied to evening functions for the Flynn Community Hall, Holt Neighbourhood Hall, Weston Neighbourhood Hall and the WCCC Hall. This must be provided in cash or EFTPOS when a hirer picks up the keys. Payments by credit cards attract a fee of 1%. Bond will be refunded when keys are returned, subject to confirmation of the condition of the Hall and facilities. The bond will not be returned if there is any damage to the Hall or facilities, or if the Hall, including kitchen and bathrooms, are not left in a clean and tidy condition. Hirers will be issued with a checklist and are requested to record any issues with the condition of the Hall at the beginning or end of the hire. Bond will be refunded on the following Thursday after the event, once there is NO complaint registered to ACT Environment Protection regarding Noise from the party.


Hirers must adhere to the nominated booking times and start and vacate promptly at the end of the booking time. Extra times used, will be charged accordingly on a casual hourly hire rate.

Functions must end by 10pm on weeknights and Sunday evenings.


Certain activities require that the hirer holds Public Liability insurance to a minimum of $20 million. Examples of such activities would include:

  • High risk physical activities (judo, gymnastics, etc.)
  • Any other activities deemed by the WCCC to require such cover.

It is the hirer’s responsibility to notify the WCCC if any of the above activities will be undertaken. The WCCC will not be liable or responsible in the event of any incident if high risk activities are undertaken without prior notification.

The WCCC provides Public Liability insurance to cover damages and injuries to users as a result of our negligence. The hirers are solely responsible for their own conduct and indemnify the Centre against all damages and injuries to themselves and their guests as a result of their own activities.


The consumption of alcohol within the Hall is permitted in accordance with relevant regulations. Specifically, a liquor permit must be obtained if alcohol is to be sold at the event. Smoking is prohibited inside the building.

18th & 21st Birthdays: We do not hire out our halls for 18th and 21st Birthday celebrations.


Keys are to be collected from the WCCC reception during business hours the day before the booking. Keys must be returned within 48 hours of the booking. This applies to all bookings unless other arrangements have been agreed to by the WCCC, prior to the booking date.

Cleaning and Packing Up

The use of confetti is not permitted anywhere in the building

If facilities are not clean, the bond will not be refunded

Cleaning equipment is provided in the venues. All facilities (main hall, kitchen, bathrooms and external grounds) must be left clean and tidy, including all kitchenware cleaned and returned to the cupboards, and chairs and tables wiped down and neatly stacked in their original locations.

Rubbish must be bagged and disposed of in the large commercial waste bin located outside the building. Please use the padlock key provided with the Hall keys to access the rubbish bin.

Contract Cleaning doesn’t cover toilets, corridor, carpet area and outside carpark and back courtyard. Tables and chairs are to be left free of scrap food and left over drinks, ready for cleaners to fold/stack and pack them away. Additional charges based on time required to clean will be applied if these areas require cleaning.

Music Equipment

All functions using amplified music and/or DJ’s must use our PA System installed in the relevant hall.

Electrical Equipment

Extra electrical equipment you bring in must be tested and tagged. Faulty equipment will trip electricity circuits. It will cause disruption to your function and you are responsible for costs of technicians sent out by the Response Centre to fix it.

Damage and Repairs

The WCCC reception must be informed of any damage or repairs required. If damage is caused by negligence or misuse by the hirer the bond will not be refunded. Where damage is a result of negligence or deliberate misuse and exceed the bond the hirer will be invoiced for any additional cost. Hirers will be issued with a checklist and are requested to record any issues with the condition of the Hall at the beginning or end of the hire.

Smoke Detectors and Security Alarm

All facilities are equipped with smoke detectors, please ensure NO smoke is generated inside the building (and no use of open flame). Hirer to pay the full fees from the ACT Fire Brigade to attend the premises when alarm is triggered. Where facility is equipped with security alarm system, it is the responsibility of the hirer to activate the alarm when leaving. Hirer to pay the full fees from security company for sending patrols to set alarm.


For further information regarding the hire of the Hall please contact Weston Creek Community Centre 6288 1144/6288 0144, 0466 726 785 or


Please note: The Environment Protection Act 1997 provides penalties for breaches of the noise standard (or level). If your event breaches the permitted noise standard, further action will be considered.


The Environment Protection Act 1997 and the Environment Protection Regulation 2005, aim to protect people from undue noise whilst enabling them to carry out business and social activities.

Noise standards have been established and apply to noise generated from the use of all rooms and halls.  Great care MUST be taken to control noise as there are residential areas nearby.

The following noise standards must not be exceeded at the properties’ boundary

Monday to Saturday                      Group Centre   Small Centre   Residential Area

  • 7am-10pm                                     55 dB(A)                50 dB(A)             45dB(A)
  • 10pm-7am                                     45 dB(A)                35 dB(A)             35dB(A)

Sunday and Public Holidays       Group Centre   Small Centre   Residential Area

  • 8am-10pm                                    55 dB(A)                50 dB(A)             45dB(A)
  • 10pm-8am                                    45 dB(A)                35 dB(A)             35dB(A)

Requirements for compliance with above

It is the responsibility of the Hirer to comply with the noise levels as indicated above. 

To help maintaining an acceptable noise level, these things are recommended:

  • Back doors must be closed(particularly after 10.00pm)
  • The event must be contained within the Hall after 10.00pm. i.e. no guests socialising outside the venue after 10:00pm
  • Ensure that any music being played is not excessive enough to be heard outside the Hall and all music must be stopped by 11pm and the premises vacated by 12am.

A Noise Level Meter will be lent to the hirer to enable them to monitor noise levels at their function.


The community can lodge complaints with the Environment Protection Authority and the Police if they believe the noise generated from the Hall is excessive. This may result in your function being shut down by the Police, penalties under the Environment Protection Act 1997, the loss of your bond and a ban from using the venue again if deemed to be appropriate by the Association’s Management Committee.

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